Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Quotes by Famous People, Artists, Philosophers etc.

Bubbles“The truth can only be seen when you close your eyes to reason and surrender yourself to dreams.” – André Breton #quotes

“Literature calls us with the voice that we can only recognise in our response to the end.” #blanchot #quotes

“Painting that doesn’t have any balls is never vulnerable.” – Francis Bacon #quotes

“People ask to appear in my art through showing their pain.” – Tracey Emin #quotes

“Falling in love is an illness that makes its sufferers wonder whether they are falling in love.” – Marguerite Duras #quotes

“The most breathtaking landscape isn’t out there.” – Ansel Adams #quotes

“Recognising woman means recognising how she is placed in a sentence.” #quotes #DeBeauvoir

“Language only speaks of failure. This is why writers have the most to say.” #quotes #Kafka

“The beauty of the world is in knowing how to close your eyes.” #quotes #Picasso

“Literature is unreliable memories badly translated into forms that are beyond understanding.” #quotes #Nabokov

“Philosophy is the errors we fall into when we think we know what thinking is.” #quotes #Heidegger

“Why should we be surprised at the damage that TV does when the camera gave us the vision of a static cyclops?” #quotes #Hockney

“What do all the great artists have in common? They give the impression that they answer questions.” #quotes #Dali

“It takes lunacy and skill to cut animals in half. It takes genius to frame them and charge a fee.” #quotes #DamienHirst

“I think of my paintings as mirrors of everything that is light and dark about us.” #quotes #Warhol

“The harder you have to look to see anything in something, the more you see what has not been seen before.” #quotes #RobertRyman

“Being oneself demands that one can face the task of removing those parts which do not belong.” #Heidegger #Quotes

“It is not freedom that is our most pressing challenge, but our ability to recognise its absence.” #camus #quotes

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