Secondhand Bookshops in Glasgow: Central Glasgow

My latest secondhand bookshop tour takes in two shops in the centre of Glasgow. The first is Oxfam Royal Exchange Square. This is nearby the Gallery of Modern Art, or GoMa for short. This places you between Glasgow Central and Queen Street stations slap bang in the centre of the city. The second bookshop, Panopticon, is just a 10 minute walk away. See also my previous tour of the Glasgow West end. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Secondhand Bookshops in Glasgow: Central Glasgow

  1. Didn’t realise the Panopticon had a bookshop in it, great tip! (Always on the lookout for 2nd hand books on Glasgow and its buildings!)


    • Jeff says:

      Thanks Scott. I originally walked past Panopticon even though I was seeking it out. It looks more like a curiosity shop from the outside (which it sort of is). I normally only blog about charity shops if they specialise in books, but if the stock is large enough to warrant the usual specialist sections then I’ll post something – Panopticon easily qualifies! Enjoy the book festival if you’re there this week! And don’t overlook the bookshops in the West End – see my earlier post.

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