Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop, Carlisle

As a part of my bigging up the secondhand bookshops in Carlisle during Borderlines, Carlisle’s book festival, here’s the Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop. It’s not in the most prominent position, so it’s easily overlooked, but if you’re planning some secondhand book action as a part of your visit to Carlisle, the Hospice Bookshop should be on your list along with those listed below. Happy browsing!

Click anywhere in the gallery above to get a slideshow.

If you’re visiting Carlisle, then you can also buy secondhand books from the Oxfam Bookshop. You might even bump into my good self! As if that wasn’t enough, you can fill up your day and shopping bags with even more secondhand books at the unfeasibly gargantuan extravaganza that is Bookcase.

For new books, Carlisle sports Bookcase’s sibling, Bookends, and a large-ish Waterstones.

There’s a Discover Carlisle site for anyone interested in non-book attractions, such as places to stay, and most importantly, pubs!

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