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Bookwright Update

What time’s that bus again? Tum-te-tum.

I couldn’t resist popping back! It’s been nice to comment here and there, and I apologise if my infrequent visits haven’t coincided with or led to my saying hello on your own blog – but it’s not the same as posting. There’s nothing like posting to get you visiting elsewhere.

I’ve been busy helping someone sort out some print books, among other book-related, if not the usual blog-related things. The picture is a taste of things to come. See you soon!

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3 Responses to Upcoming Posts

  1. Sarah says:

    hello! Ooo, I’m intrigued – I look forward to finding out more! 🙂

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  2. Ste J says:

    Ah the classic teaser! Looking forward to this intriguing development.


    • Jeff says:

      I suppose it is a teaser. I was going to write something longer but the conflict between getting out to the hourly bus and the temptation to wait for the update to download got me to be brief. I think it’ll be a review or similar of BookWright and Blurb.


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