Gallery of Books for Programmers of Computer-Generated Texts

You may or may not know that behind the scenes of this blog, as well as reading, there’s a lot of writing going on, in a sense. I’ve previously posted on generating text to edit into books. There aren’t any books that I know of that are about or directly relevant to this writing method. However,  in this gallery I want to show some books that I’ve found stimulating. Most have little or nothing to do with programming. All are annotated at the bottom. Click to view.

Incidentally, observant readers of this blog may have suspected that a post or two may have been generated and edited. My software tool doesn’t work well with small source texts, but sometimes I like to conduct trials for new code mods. I shall neither confirm or deny anything!

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4 Responses to Gallery of Books for Programmers of Computer-Generated Texts

  1. I recently got Paris Peasant and I am looking to reading it soon. I also a Perec waiting to be read. Practicalities sounds wonderful, I must get that, as don’t mind a bit of nouveau roman. Agree about the nihilism of Dada, though I think that Surrealism has influenced culture in many unseen ways. Great post with great recommendations. I have been attending to read more Oulipo for a while and you have spurred me to go on the search.


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