Caledonia Books, Glasgow – Gallery

Caledonia Books is a secondhand bookshop in Glasgow that’s easy to find in an Internet search. It’s also easy to plan for visiting because it’s near a Subway – check out my old post about secondhand bookshops in the vicinity to see how to get there. But there’s not many photos available to give you an idea of the stock and layout. So here’s a gallery!

What you’ll notice is the regular comings and goings of people popping in for a chat with the owners about anything from daily life to world news. There’s a front-room feel to the place despite the size. Chat with the owners yourself and you’ll find yourself directed to the nearby Thistle / Alba Musick if they haven’t got what you want (the arrangement is mutual).

As ever, click on individual photos to enlarge.

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6 Responses to Caledonia Books, Glasgow – Gallery

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  2. JacquiWine says:

    Looks terrific. I could happily spend a whole day there!


    • Jeff says:

      Not sure I could spend a whole day anywhere, but its a nice place for an hour’s browsing!


    • Jeff says:

      I should add, as with Kaggsy’s comment, that a full day of secondhand book-buying can be had – there’s Thistle around the corner, and Oxfam’s most successful bookstore is a Subway ride away in Hillhead. Just follow my link in this post.


  3. Beautiful. Looks like the perfect second hand bookstore. Like Jacqui, I’d happily spend a day browsing!


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