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Baudrillard, Machines, Creativity, and Sameness

Am I a man or a machine? There is no ambiguity in the traditional relationship between man and machine: the worker is always, in a way, a stranger to the machine he operates, and alienated by it. But at least … Continue reading

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Review of CreateSpace on Amazon KDP, Illustrated with Tips

This review of Amazon’s CreateSpace came out of emails I sent when setting up some books for someone else. You don’t need my experience in setting up bulk runs of documents for corporates on bespoke data-processing systems. But determination is … Continue reading

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A Song Computer-Generated from Virginia Woolf’s Novel, Orlando – #woolfalong

This is a song that I wrote in 2009 by digitally cutting-up words from Orlando. The minimalism to the music reflected the sparing quality to Woolf’s text and the passing of the centuries in it. Not sure how well the sharing options work on Soundcloud … Continue reading

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Materiality and Hope in Beckett’s Molloy: #1951 Club

I post this piece as part of the #1951 Club. I hope the organisers won’t mind: Molloy was originally published in its original French in that year. The piece below was part of something I wrote over 10 years ago but … Continue reading

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Ballard and the Experience of Reading

There’s a well established industry in giving the context to how books are written. It’s perhaps surprising how little attention is given to how books are read. There is a strand of literary criticism that emphasises ‘the role of the … Continue reading

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Cauliflower as a Surrealist Device

“As long as we are victims of habit we are slaves to Vice. I advise you to begin by giving up cauliflower. I notice you have an inordinated appetite for this vegetable, your reigning passion, in fact, Greed.” Mrs. Gambit … Continue reading

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Print Book Cover in Progress

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