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A Song Computer-Generated from Virginia Woolf’s Novel, Orlando – #woolfalong

This is a song that I wrote in 2009 by digitally cutting-up words from Orlando. The minimalism to the music reflected the sparing quality to Woolf’s text and the passing of the centuries in it. Not sure how well the sharing options work on Soundcloud … Continue reading

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Ballard and the Experience of Reading

There’s a well established industry in giving the context to how books are written. It’s perhaps surprising how little attention is given to how books are read. There is a strand of literary criticism that emphasises ‘the role of the … Continue reading

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André Breton and the First Principles of Surrealism by Franklin Rosemont

This is a companion volume to a well-known collection of Surrealist texts called What is Surrealism? The latter was edited by Rosemont, so it’s easy to assume that the former is a dry and academic set-by-step guide. What you’ll find … Continue reading

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When Optimism is Truly False: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay

Charles Dickens wrote only one of the 85 leaders published about railway mania. He viewed free markets as the best way to achieve expansion. When the new Royal Exchange building in London was opened, Charles Mackay wrote extensive coverage of … Continue reading

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Multiple Narratives In and About Virginia Woolf

Sometimes it is better to let an author speak for themselves, which is why I have included some long quotes from Virginia Woolf’s novels. Having only recently re-read both Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse the choices for January are limited. … Continue reading

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The Baader-Meinhof Group: The Inside Story of a Phenomenon by Stefan Aust

The RAF (Red Army Faction – aka. The Baader-Meinhof Group, or ‘Gang’) did more than just kidnappings, bombings, hostage-taking, murder – it made an historical intervention into the political story of a difficult chapter of German history. Its particular importance … Continue reading

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The Hitler Diaries: Fakes that Fooled the World by Charles Hamilton

Gerd Heidemann, a journalist, explained to other reporters that – via Martin Bormann – he had found Hitler’s personal diaries, lost since 1945.  In April, 1982, the editors-in-chief at Stern magazine learned that far more than twenty-seven diaries existed. The … Continue reading

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