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Cauliflower as a Surrealist Device

“As long as we are victims of habit we are slaves to Vice. I advise you to begin by giving up cauliflower. I notice you have an inordinated appetite for this vegetable, your reigning passion, in fact, Greed.” Mrs. Gambit … Continue reading

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Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

Following on from my last post about reading books discovered in the blogosphere, there was a spate of posts about Alone in Berlin some time ago, which made its cover instantly recognisable to me. In short, I’m glad to have … Continue reading

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Recommended by Book Bloggers: Quirky Books about Books

I have a confession to make. I keep copies of bloggers’ book reviews in a database. This enables me to click on my ‘Books to Acquire’ folder to remind myself of possible purchases. It’s so much more visual than merely … Continue reading

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9 Top Tips for Writing a Houellebecq Novel

Are you working on a novel that could use a touch of controversy? Is it lacking that soupçon of malaise you’d expect from an enfant terrible? Fear not. Here’s a list for clouding over your manuscript with an Houellebecqian mise en scène. Ensure that all the roads … Continue reading

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7 Ways to up Your Zeitgeist Factor with a Dash of Douglas Coupland

Anyone writing a novel in which ‘contemporary culture’ is central might wonder how to cram in the zeitgeist. One way is to appropriate some ideas from Douglas Coupland. The following points will help any novelist who’s striving to be iconic, … Continue reading

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9 Top-Tips on How to Write a Ballardian Novel

While reading Kingdom Come, I listed what I noticed are some characteristics shared by many Ballard novels. So rather than writing a review, I thought I’d copy my notes here in case anyone writing a novel would like to introduce … Continue reading

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Concrete Island by J G Ballard

Concrete Island is a story stripped down to the bare essentials that befit a tale about isolation bordering on alienation. Ballard himself draws a comparison, in his introduction, with Robinson Crusoe, insofar as there are islands ‘nearer to home’. He … Continue reading

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