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Baudrillard, Machines, Creativity, and Sameness

Am I a man or a machine? There is no ambiguity in the traditional relationship between man and machine: the worker is always, in a way, a stranger to the machine he operates, and alienated by it. But at least … Continue reading

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Fopp: Why Buy Books from a Music Shop?

Whenever you’re in or near Glasgow, perhaps contemplating the many secondhand bookshops, you might on your trip to Hillhead consider popping into Fopp (though there’s other stores nationwide too). Now hold on, you might object, Fopp sells music. Well, that’s true. … Continue reading

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Review: Autobiography, by Morrissey

Late last year, Morrissey went to pains to distance his Autobiography from the usual celebrity memoirs that hit the shelves in time to be Christmas gifts. But saying that an autobiography isn’t the usual celebrity dross doesn’t automatically qualify it … Continue reading

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