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Baudrillard, Machines, Creativity, and Sameness

Am I a man or a machine? There is no ambiguity in the traditional relationship between man and machine: the worker is always, in a way, a stranger to the machine he operates, and alienated by it. But at least … Continue reading

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Plagiarism as an Art Form

Have you in the last year or so looked for free essays to plagiarise? Have you adapted what seemed to be attractive material into your essay or dissertation without properly checking or referencing it? Then you may have come across … Continue reading

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Digested Read: Understanding Hacking with Dr K

Hackers are harmless. Nobody properly understands what hacking is. The media put it about that hacking is all evil stuff and stuff like that. So what IS hacking? If only people knew what it was then they’d understand. Hacking is … Continue reading

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