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An Artificial Intelligence Talking about Books

This video is my AI code talking about books: reading them, and blogging about them. The source phrases were taken from RSS feeds on 9 WordPress blogs – these are listed with links below. The talk is actually a test … Continue reading

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Baudrillard, Machines, Creativity, and Sameness

Am I a man or a machine? There is no ambiguity in the traditional relationship between man and machine: the worker is always, in a way, a stranger to the machine he operates, and alienated by it. But at least … Continue reading

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Writing Literature with Artificial Intelligence: Inhuman Humans

Ahead of Channel 4 screening the second series of its drama about synthetic people, Humans, I thought it timely to say a few words about writing with artificial intelligence, something that regular visitors here will know I practice. What I … Continue reading

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