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Review: Autobiography, by Morrissey

Late last year, Morrissey went to pains to distance his Autobiography from the usual celebrity memoirs that hit the shelves in time to be Christmas gifts. But saying that an autobiography isn’t the usual celebrity dross doesn’t automatically qualify it … Continue reading

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Memoirrheoa? My Struggle, Part 1 by Karl Ove Knausgaard

I keep telling people that I’ve nearly finished this book. I also tell them about the trouble I have with reviving my motivation to do so. This should be surprising for the first in a series of autobiographical novels that … Continue reading

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Charles Bukowski: Post Office

I came to Post Office with no prior ideas about Bukowski’s work. It was one of those situations in a secondhand bookshop where you find something by an author whose name you recognise, possibly one that you made a mental … Continue reading

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