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How Half-Interesting Books Could Help Save Public Libraries

There are narratives about public libraries that are becoming all too familiar. The borrowing of physical books is in decline. The usage of computers is on the rise. All those additional services that have built up library remits are, along … Continue reading

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Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop, Carlisle

As a part of my bigging up the secondhand bookshops in Carlisle during Borderlines, Carlisle’s book festival, here’s the Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop. It’s not in the most prominent position, so it’s easily overlooked, but if you’re planning some secondhand book action as … Continue reading

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Bookcase, Carlisle: the bookshop that got me into secondhand books

In 2003, long before I became a volunteer in charity bookshops, my first exposure to secondhand books was here in Bookcase in Carlisle. This 4-floor emporium supplied me through 2 degrees and a stint in research. It can help with reading … Continue reading

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Oxfam Bookshop, Carlisle

Ahead of Borderlines, Carlisle’s book festival, I thought I’d post about secondhand bookshops in my own neighbourhood. This is one of the charity bookshops that I currently volunteer in. We have a small retail space whose shelving must work hard. … Continue reading

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