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Hoax by Fay, Chester and Linklater

Hoax is the story of Clifford Irving’s infamous attempt to fabricate and pass off a Howard Hughes autobiography as the real thing. The authors were Sunday Times journalists, and in similar fashion to Philby, has that 1970s newspaper sensational quality. … Continue reading

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The Hitler Diaries: Fakes that Fooled the World by Charles Hamilton

Gerd Heidemann, a journalist, explained to other reporters that – via Martin Bormann – he had found Hitler’s personal diaries, lost since 1945.  In April, 1982, the editors-in-chief at Stern magazine learned that far more than twenty-seven diaries existed. The … Continue reading

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Forged: Why Fakes are the Great Art of our Age, by Jonathon Keats

As a literary forger of sorts, I enjoy reading about forgeries and forgers’ lives. There is a tendency in such books to repeat stereotypes – the forger as the injured and overlooked, the forger as the masterful yet unoriginal technician … Continue reading

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How to (not) Make a Dan Flavin Artwork when Installing Your Fluorescent Lighting

[Note: the content of this blog has changed somewhat since this article, however, it is being kept in the blog archive for the benefit of the Freshly Pressed link.] If you arrange fluorescent lights at home or at work, are you in … Continue reading

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