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André Breton and the First Principles of Surrealism by Franklin Rosemont

This is a companion volume to a well-known collection of Surrealist texts called What is Surrealism? The latter was edited by Rosemont, so it’s easy to assume that the former is a dry and academic set-by-step guide. What you’ll find … Continue reading

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9 Top Tips for Writing a Houellebecq Novel

Are you working on a novel that could use a touch of controversy? Is it lacking that soupçon of malaise you’d expect from an enfant terrible? Fear not. Here’s a list for clouding over your manuscript with an Houellebecqian mise en scène. Ensure that all the roads … Continue reading

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Review: Whatever by Michel Houellebecq

Whatever is a novel that will be recognised by the few who are familiar with Atomised. Fewer still will have read it. While Atomised occasionally pops up in charity bookshops, Houellebecq’s other works rarely appear in the secondhand market, perhaps … Continue reading

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