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Caledonia Books, Glasgow – Gallery

Caledonia Books is a secondhand bookshop in Glasgow that’s easy to find in an Internet search. It’s also easy to plan for visiting because it’s near a Subway – check out my old post about secondhand bookshops in the vicinity to see how to … Continue reading

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Thistle Books (and Alba Musick) in Glasgow: Gallery

Until December last year, I’d always assumed from online reviews that Thistle Books was too small to take seriously. It seemed unlikely that there could be much to a bookshop that shared its premises with a music bookshop. For a long time I … Continue reading

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Fopp: Why Buy Books from a Music Shop?

Whenever you’re in or near Glasgow, perhaps contemplating the many secondhand bookshops, you might on your trip to Hillhead consider popping into Fopp (though there’s other stores nationwide too). Now hold on, you might object, Fopp sells music. Well, that’s true. … Continue reading

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Book Group Marathons

My partner and I are currently working our way through Book Group on DVD. Once you start the first episode of the first series, it’s hard to resist another episode, and then another until, before you now it, you’re onto … Continue reading

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Is a Dystopia a Multiple of Today’s Troubles?

The Drowned World envisages a future in which the polar ice caps have melted and human life has moved away from the rising oceans to higher ground. This is prophetic because this novel was written in 1962. Except Ballard envisaged a polar … Continue reading

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Secondhand Bookshops in Glasgow: Central Glasgow

My latest secondhand bookshop tour takes in two shops in the centre of Glasgow. The first is Oxfam Royal Exchange Square. This is nearby the Gallery of Modern Art, or GoMa for short. This places you between Glasgow Central and … Continue reading

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Secondhand Bookshops in Glasgow

It’s great to have a secondhand bookshop binge. My visit this weekend was to Glasgow – the subject of this post – and the other was to Edinburgh, the subject of an upcoming post. I’ve visited most of the bookshops before … Continue reading

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