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Materiality and Hope in Beckett’s Molloy: #1951 Club

I post this piece as part of the #1951 Club. I hope the organisers won’t mind: Molloy was originally published in its original French in that year. The piece below was part of something I wrote over 10 years ago but … Continue reading

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André Breton and the First Principles of Surrealism by Franklin Rosemont

This is a companion volume to a well-known collection of Surrealist texts called What is Surrealism? The latter was edited by Rosemont, so it’s easy to assume that the former is a dry and academic set-by-step guide. What you’ll find … Continue reading

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Multiple Narratives In and About Virginia Woolf

Sometimes it is better to let an author speak for themselves, which is why I have included some long quotes from Virginia Woolf’s novels. Having only recently re-read both Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse the choices for January are limited. … Continue reading

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5 Top Tips for Writing Literary Criticism like Harold Bloom

Do you wonder how to review a masterpiece without looking like a complete dunderhead? Are you looking for a method to make that literary Hinterstoisser traverse while the Kleine Scheidegg watches on? Then relax. Here are some tips gleaned from … Continue reading

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Writing Literature with Artificial Intelligence: Inhuman Humans

Ahead of Channel 4 screening the second series of its drama about synthetic people, Humans, I thought it timely to say a few words about writing with artificial intelligence, something that regular visitors here will know I practice. What I … Continue reading

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Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada

Following on from my last post about reading books discovered in the blogosphere, there was a spate of posts about Alone in Berlin some time ago, which made its cover instantly recognisable to me. In short, I’m glad to have … Continue reading

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9 Top Tips for Writing a Houellebecq Novel

Are you working on a novel that could use a touch of controversy? Is it lacking that soupçon of malaise you’d expect from an enfant terrible? Fear not. Here’s a list for clouding over your manuscript with an Houellebecqian mise en scène. Ensure that all the roads … Continue reading

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