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Forged: Why Fakes are the Great Art of our Age, by Jonathon Keats

As a literary forger of sorts, I enjoy reading about forgeries and forgers’ lives. There is a tendency in such books to repeat stereotypes – the forger as the injured and overlooked, the forger as the masterful yet unoriginal technician … Continue reading

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Recommended by Book Bloggers: Quirky Books about Books

I have a confession to make. I keep copies of bloggers’ book reviews in a database. This enables me to click on my ‘Books to Acquire’ folder to remind myself of possible purchases. It’s so much more visual than merely … Continue reading

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How Half-Interesting Books Could Help Save Public Libraries

There are narratives about public libraries that are becoming all too familiar. The borrowing of physical books is in decline. The usage of computers is on the rise. All those additional services that have built up library remits are, along … Continue reading

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Stasiland by Anna Funder: A Journalistic Take on East Germany’s Good Old, Bad Old Days

This book is a journalistic voyage into how the lives of East German citizens were affected by their secret police during and after the Cold War. I assumed from the cover that this book would historically chart the establishment and … Continue reading

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How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World by Francis Wheen

The political landscape has changed in the decade since Mumbo-Jumbo’s publication. The terror that opened a second front in Iraq has been replaced by a horror at a backlash from ISIS. In the UK, the growing disillusionment with the blurring … Continue reading

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