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Ballard and the Experience of Reading

There’s a well established industry in giving the context to how books are written. It’s perhaps surprising how little attention is given to how books are read. There is a strand of literary criticism that emphasises ‘the role of the … Continue reading

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Multiple Narratives In and About Virginia Woolf

Sometimes it is better to let an author speak for themselves, which is why I have included some long quotes from Virginia Woolf’s novels. Having only recently re-read both Mrs Dalloway and To The Lighthouse the choices for January are limited. … Continue reading

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Plagiarism as an Art Form

Have you in the last year or so looked for free essays to plagiarise? Have you adapted what seemed to be attractive material into your essay or dissertation without properly checking or referencing it? Then you may have come across … Continue reading

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Niches, and 5 Reasons to Blog About What You Read

Questions come to mind as I finally get around to saying something about Plague: Black Death & Pestilence in Europe. I’ve already read and reviewed a book on the same subject, so I don’t know what another review adds. In … Continue reading

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How Half-Interesting Books Could Help Save Public Libraries

There are narratives about public libraries that are becoming all too familiar. The borrowing of physical books is in decline. The usage of computers is on the rise. All those additional services that have built up library remits are, along … Continue reading

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On Books on Shelves in Pubs

Many years ago I was in a pub with some flatmates when one of their friends pulled a book from the nearby shelf and started to read aloud from it. The book was by Baden-Powell, that scoutmaster extraordinaire, and we … Continue reading

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Oh, to Recover the Leisure in Reading that Gets Lost in the Work Created by Blogging

While looking to see which of my read-but-not-yet-reviewed books I’ve photographed, I came across a photo I took for a post some time ago of the pile of acquisitions I anticipated reading. Checking through, I let out a ‘yay’ as it … Continue reading

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